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Gotta love free games... Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 4:22 PM EST on 2/25/2003
File Under: Games -> Xbox

Hmmm... This whole posting a webcam picture thing is turning into a pattern for me. Oh well, bask in the glory of free games:

Yes, that's right, I'm now holding three brand new top-tier Xbox games in my hand, which cost me a total of $0. MechAssault, RalliSport Challenge, and Shenmue II, all for free?! How'd I manage that one? Trade secret. ;-) (No, I didn't steal them.)

Anyway, this means a couple of things. One, I'll be glued to my Xbox a LOT in my near future, and two, I'll have some super-keen impressions for you guys as well. (Yes, I said super-keen. Got a problem?) Well, assuming I'll actually get to play them, that is.

You see, I got in a car accident yesterday and don't have the money to cover my insurance deductible. I may be pawning these off on eBay for some cash, instead. Damn. Oh well, maybe I'll manage to figure something out where I can have both my car and my games. But rest assured, the car will be the priority. I'm not that stupid.
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