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DCP Underground Old School High Score Challenge! Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 12:19 AM EST on 9/9/2002
File Under: Games

Click here to participate in the DCP Underground Old School High Score Challenge #1: Tetris Attack!

Think you have the skills to take on the best old-school games?  Think you can rack up the highest scores, the fastest times, and the best ratings?  Now is the time to prove it.  I present to you, the first DCP Underground Old School High Score Challenge!  Or, DCPUOSHSC for (not so) short.

Overview: The purpose of the High Score Challenge is to relive gaming's glory days and compete with one another in some of the best games ever released for systems like the NES, SNES, Genesis, and more!

How it works: Everyone with a PC is capable of running emulators to play old console systems.  Through the use of emulators and necessary ROMs (which will be supplied here) we can all play the same game and try to achieve the highest scores.  Proof of scores achieved will be provided through the use of screenshots.

Instructions: Download the necessary ROM for the current challenge (supplied in this thread) and play to your heart's content, with the necessary emulator.  When you have achieved your highest score possible, take a screenshot, paste it into your favorite graphics editor, save it as a JPEG, and post it here with the board's attachment feature.  The best score/time/whatever wins! (Don't have a graphics editor?)

Note: You may replace your screenshot with a newer one at any time until the contest ends.

DCP Underground Old School High Score Challenge #1: Tetris Attack

Emulator Required: ZSNES or SNES9x
ROM Required: Tetris Attack (U).zip (attached)
Rules: Enter a 1-Player Endless game and start at any level and difficulty you desire.  Play for as long as you can, and post your highest score!
Contest Ends: Friday, September 13th, at 5:00 PM Central.

Good Luck!

Click here to participate in the DCP Underground Old School High Score Challenge #1: Tetris Attack!

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