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Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy - It Had Potential Blueblur 
Posted by: Blueblur at 3:51 PM EST on 1/25/2003
File Under: Games -> PlayStation 2 -> Quickview

Well, I just got a PS2 for my birthday and I decided I'd pick up at least one of the Greatest Hits games. Being the platformer fan that I am, I picked up Jak and Daxter.

I considered it a good buy until I realized how stale it can get. Now, I'm not saying that its complete garbage or anything like that, but its no Mario or Sonic. I don't how the guys at Naughty Dog didn't notice that their main character is practically mute and that the music is as lifeless as a rock as these are my biggest complaints.

A good platformer definitely needs a good hero, but its really hard to like Jak when he never says anything or shows any emotion at all. If you ask me, too much emphasis was put on Daxter. Besides all that, the overall game design is slightly lacking.

I'm still going to give the game a chance though. Hopefully the second half is better than the first.
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