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Welcome to the Award Winning TechiE/N! Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 2:22 PM EST on 1/13/2003
File Under: Site -> News

It is my pleasure to announce that TechiE/N is now the Award Winning TechiE/N! That's right, some guy who calls himself Alfredo left me the following message:

Hello, my name is Alfredo. I have play video game for many day. I run a very popolar site. I do no feel your site is of much quality so I send you my seal of disapproval which you need to put on your site. If you wish to receive award contact me.

So of course I e-mailed him back to get my award! I mean, WHO WOULDN'T???

Hah, awesome! I'm happy to accept your seal of disapproval, and can't wait to display it on my site. (No, seriously, that'd be pretty cool and funny.)

Awaiting my award with baited breath,

Here is the glory that awaited me in my Inbox today when I returned from class. Isn't it beautiful?

It is no funny it is real

You can even click the award for a look at his wonderful site, which is home to such enlightening information as this:

october 17-i update again! sorry for no news, loyal fans, but i been in the french foreign legion and have met a manfriend. i think he better then any of you, you no pleasure the antoine. to learn of me, i have made new page, as well as something i worked on in the legion. enjoy, loyal sycophants!

Actually, that's kinda scary... But anyway, from here on out, anytime you refer to TechiE/N, you MUST use the term "Award Winning TechiE/N" or we'll have to lawyer the fuck out of you for improper use of corporate trademarks. We here at the Award Winning TechiE/N have excellent attorneys. In fact, they're Award Winning attorneys!
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