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Shinobi - Thank You Sega! Blueblur 
Posted by: Blueblur at 11:15 PM EST on 1/27/2003
File Under: Games -> PlayStation 2 -> Quickview

After Nightfire turned out to be pretty average and frustrating, I returned it with renewed hope that I'd find Shinobi at Blockbuster. And indeed, I did. I've heard a few things about Shinobi. One being that the gameplay is repetitive and two, the game is incredibly hard. Regardless, I put the disc in my PS2's disc tray with eager anticipation--even though I had to leave for work within 15 minutes!

Well, after completing the first stage I had nothing but love for Sega's new Shinobi. Not only is the gameplay tight; its old school. Ah, my favorite kind. I totally dig the gameplay, music, and difficulty. Finally, a challenge! I have to thank Overworks for an excellent game. They've made me a Shinobi fan, though you won't find me going back to play the old games--I suck at those.

Now, let's see if I can get more time in my busy schedule to get on to stage 4-B!
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