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New member. Vex 
Posted by: Vex at 8:31 PM EST on 1/12/2003
File Under: Site -> News

In the spirit of Disa's own introduction, i'll take my first post as a chance to let everyone know a little about myself.

Screen names: Greydragon (sometimes just grey), Jacob the dirty priest.

Interests: Anything videogame related (with the exception of PC games), many many other "things." You'll see, if you stick around long enough.

Current games in motion: Parasite Eve 2 (PSX), Phantasy Star Online (DC), Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube).

Epilogue: I'd like to thank Tim for giving me the spot on his team (a.k.a "community"). Only after countless hours of my bitching and whining about how no one takes me seriously anymore. (Actually, you can pretty much just picture Tim handing out spots like a stranger with good candy, and me as the chubby little boy with a hunger for sugar and attention.)

Anyway, thanks Tim. So to all the readers out there, and to the millions more on their way, I won't drive a bunch of overblown notions of great subject matter into your heads. I won't even promise to bring you updated material on a regular basis. However, I will promise you this,


Me and old Timmy boy talked it over, and we both decided that if you really want it that badly, you're just going to have to pay for it like everyone else.

Yea, that's about it for now.

Oh, by the way, word goes out to James and his attempt to turn you people on to Farscape. It's a good show, so my advice to you would be, turn off the "survivor," or "Joe millionaire," or whatever piece of crap you got going there and head over to the SCI-Fi channel. You might just figure out why others are trying to save this show.

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