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Zelda - Welcome Back! Blueblur 
Posted by: Blueblur at 12:10 AM EST on 2/23/2003
File Under: Games

What? You guys thought I was finished? Bah! Hardly ever. Anyway, I'm back to tell everyone about my experience with the return of Miyamoto's precious Zelda.

Well, after reading online that the pre-order campaign was well under way, I decided to head on down to my local GameStop. Sure enough I pre-ordered The Wind Waker and got my Ocarina of Time GC disc. I have to say that I'm very pleased with my free bonus disc.

Unlike many Zelda fans, I'm a bit of a Zelda noob. I did play and finish Ocarina on the N64, but I only gave it one run through and I've never really indulged in the past Zelda games; I've tried them and sadly, they weren't really my cup of tea at the time. Back to the topic, so now I'm currently engulfed in Ocarina of Time and planning on moving onto Master Quest afterwards.

That and as always, I have my PSO cravings to attend to. Not to mention my PSO site. As you can tell, I'm fortunate to be so busy since I won't even have time to obsess over The Wind Waker. Dang, so many games to play and so little time to do so.

Oh, one more thing. Shinobi. It was sweet, challenging, but short. Give me a little more substance and game to work with, Sega!
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