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The CGI backend... Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 4:03 PM EST on 7/7/2002
File Under: Site -> News

Well, I decided to take the easy (Read: Lazy) way out and use a pre-made script for the backend of the site, instead of coding one of my own from scratch. It's not quite perfect, but it's close enough. The categories aren't exactly working the way I wanted them to, but it's no biggie.

I'm in the process of converting over the posts I wrote before, which should really only take a matter of a few minutes. The timestamps on them are a bit funked up (yes, I know I said "funked") but the dates are right. I don't think anyone will care.

So, anyway, this script will make it easy for me to set an archive up. I dunno when I'll get to that... Just whenever I feel like it, I guess. Also, I'll be able to allow other people to post. Look for a friend or two to join the "team."
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