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Arrrrgghhhh... Xbox network setup not working Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 10:19 PM EST on 7/18/2002
File Under: Games -> Xbox

So here I was, all hot and bothered at the idea of playing some Halo online, I set up my network as per the recommendations of both GameSpy Arcade and XBConnect, and wouldn't you know? It DOESN'T WORK!? For some reason, my computer really really really does not like receiving Internet traffic through a modem connected to a hub. I can receive like 1k and everything craps out.

So, since the little hack network didn't work, I'm going to try setting up a real home network with my Linux box acting as a server and firewall for my PC, Xbox, and eventually PS2 and GameCube.

Anyway, I have a Com 21 DOXport 1110 cable modem and a Linksys hub. My PC is running Win 98. If anyone knows what the problem might be, leave me a message with your sagely advice. In the mean time, I'll just continue enjoying my new high-speed connection.

Oh yeah, I also got The Royal Tenenbaums tonight. Expect impressions and/or a review sometime soon.
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