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Halo (finally) online Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 8:16 PM EST on 7/26/2002
File Under: Games -> Xbox

Welp, the router I ordered came today, and after much hassle, I got both XBConnect and GameSpy Arcade working with my Xbox. For the longest time, neither program would recognize my Xbox, but after hours of tweaking router settings to no avail, I finally discovered that my PC somehow had a double installation for its NIC, which apparently confused the hell out of the Xbox tunnel programs. Once I took care of that, it was off to online Halo bliss! ... Or so I thought.

In my short time in playing Halo online, I've discovered two things: 1.) People REALLY like to kick you out of a game when you only have one player on your box, and 2.) There are so few servers that finding one with a decent ping is a major bitch. I felt like I was back on my 56k.

So yeah, I figure I'll probably only be playing with friends from now on. The hassle of finding a decent game to join really isn't worth it. Unreal Tournament on the PC is far better as a multiplayer game anyway. At least now I have everything set up for when online games hit the PS2 and Xbox Live comes out...

Oh, and feel free to challenge me to a game of Halo. I promise you'll win, I suck!
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