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Glover on the N64... Check it out if you missed it. Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 4:16 PM EST on 7/17/2003
File Under: Games

I don't feel like writing a full review (or even a quickview for that matter) but I figured I'd just mention this game really quickly. I've been playing around with Project64, the N64 emulator, and decided to give Glover, an old platform game, a try. It never got very good reviews back in the day, but editors for big magazines and sites are retards (I should know, I used to be one) and rarely give low profile games adequate coverage.

Anyway, the premise of the game is that you're a glove trying to return six crystals to a castle to return a wizard to his normal form (he accidentally turned himself into a fountiain (...yeah, I know) in "The Accident" which scattered the crystals all over the world). The catch is that Glover turned all the crystals to rubber balls to keep them from shattering on impact, and now you have to take control and return the balls to the castle by bouncing them, throwing them, floating them across water, and even morphing them into a bowling ball or iron ball. All of this is done to solve puzzles and avoid enemies in traversing each level.

So yeah, chances are that you missed this one the first time around. If you like 3D adventure games and tough puzzles, see if you can dig this one up in a bargain bin somewhere, or just emulate it. As far as platformers go, this one is incredibly unique, original, and challenging. It's definitely worth playing.
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