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Hopelessly Addicted.... Blueblur 
Posted by: Blueblur at 6:37 PM EST on 7/1/2003
File Under: Games

Games are beautiful things. Nowhere else can you take control of such an array of characters and become addicted to their adventures. I love games; they're part of my lifestyle. I couldn't imagine being who I am now if I had gone through my adolescent life without ever touching a controller.

And damn me for being me. Like I've done numerous times before, I recently bought a game I already own, Sonic Adventure DX. Like with the other purchases, here I am a week later wishing that I would have just rented the frickin' game. Ah well. At least the blue blur is getting the attention he deserves. Heck, we got the Happy Meal toys, Sonic X (the upcoming anime), Sonic Battle (GBA), and Sonic Heroes comin' up. BTW, I must have Sonic Heroes ASAP!!

But there's lot more comin' up. Especially Mario Kart and F-Zero GX. And SC2 (no, I didn't import)! Of course, what I'm really waiting for is Halo 2. Correction: EVERYONE is waiting for it. The single player mode alone looks like it'll be vastly improved and the promise of continuous Live content... *tear-eyed* is awesome! I'm getting Live just for it (and Mech Assault, too)! But I don't trust PSO on Live; since its already been hacked. *Shrugs*

But for the here and now, Super Mario Advance 3 is surprisingly entertining (given that I've played it into the ground on my SNES) and I'm just getting my hands on some of the GBA's greatest. As for the PS2, I dunno. I got one and I still don't touch it. I even took in my only game, Jak & Daxter, to GameStop today for some store credit. I guess my Cube will keep hogging the attention.

So, how about the rest of you? What's on the currently playing list?

Currently Playing: PSO (I will stop when Sonic Team tears down the servers!), SA:DX, SMA3, Viewtiful Joe (demo)

Must Buy Soon: Splinter Cell, RE Zero, MegaMan Zero, and many more.
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