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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 7:00 PM EST on 6/8/2003
File Under: Games

Whoo, been a while. This place is... Yeah, I dunno, dead, I guess. Maybe I'll start updating again. (Then stop updating like two months later, as is the usual case for me.)

Anyway, since I'm here, I might as well mention the game I've been playing for the last couple of days. Normally, I'm not a PC gamer. I don't have the best computer, and most of the games are ones that I just can't get into - like RTSes and MMORRPGs - but there was no way I could pass this one up. Afterall, it's totally free!

Go download Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It's 260 MB, but it's a damn fine game. Originally, it was supposed to be a retail addon for RtCW, but the single player aspect apparently sucked ass. So, as a compromise, they finished the downright excellent multiplayer mode and released it for free as a standalone product - you don't even need the original RtCW!

Anyway, for those not in the know, the game is an online-only, team-based FPS, and takes place during World War II. You have a choice to join either the Allies and storm the Axis troops, or become an Axis soldier set to defend the Allied onslaught. You can take the role of a soldier, medic, engineer, or covert op. Each class has its own special abilities, and everyone has to work together to achieve a series of objectives and win the battle.

I totally suck at the game, but it's been good fun, anyway. It's the first tactical, team-based FPS I've ever played (told you I was out of the loop on PC games), so it has been kind of hard for me to pick up. I'm slowly but surely getting better, though.

Anyway, I recommend everyone check it out. After all, you can't go wrong for free!
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