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Nintendo Revolution... Horrible artist's rendition included! Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 12:12 AM EST on 3/28/2005
File Under: Games -> GameCube

What's this? Two updates in one day?! I think it's a record... [Edit: Ahaha, I just noticed the timestamp. I guess it doesn't count!]

Anyway, Alan sent me this link a couple of days ago, and I figured I'd share it. (Why did I take so long to post it? Because I'm lazy.) It's a fairly interesting article about Nintendo's next console.

I'm gonna go off on an aside for a minute. In the article, it says that there are rumblings that this system may not actually be a successor to the GameCube, but that the Cube will actually be supported for some time afterwards. This is the same crap they said about the DS. Why does Nintendo seem to think that they can successfully support four systems for two markets? I don't really get it.

Anyway, there's a rather... Intersting take on what the system could look like. Frankly, the artist must be smoking something really good. Although, the controller isn't too crazy, since they're anticipating gyroscopic controls. But that main system? Yeesh.

UPDATE: Other sources are saying the Revolution will be backwards compatible with the GameCube and support Wi-Fi internet, as well. *Thumbs Up*
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