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Albert Einstein Tony 
Posted by: Tony at 9:48 PM EST on 11/9/2003
File Under: Whatever

I was reading a magazine the other day that had an interview with some science guy who was idolizing Albert Einstein. You may be familiar with Einstein. He created the Theory of Relativity, a theory that essentially says no signal traveling a distance greater than zero is instantaneous. This can be observed in things such as ocean waves, electrical signals, and other similarly obscure places in EVERYDAY LIFE. I remember being explained this theory when I was young. My response was the equivalent of, "No shit? This confuses people?" However, I do give Einstein a lot of credit with the mathematics. Any dumbass like me can come up with the theory of relativity (for sure hundreds of people before Einstein observed it.) But, to explain it in mathematical terms is a true feat, requiring long long hours of intense thinking. And the General Theory of Relativity only gets more painintheassful with all the freak terminology like "tensor" and "calculus" and "tensor calculus." If Einstein had not proposed this theory, would anyone else have done it? Yes. Would I have? Hell no. I'm an idiot. Look to Tim to derive all the odd theories of this universe.
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