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New console-exclusive Soul Calibur 2 characters! Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 12:46 AM EST on 1/15/2003
File Under: Games

I think just about everyone knows that the original Soul Calibur is one of the best damned fighting games ever, so it wouldn't take much to sell about a bajillion copies of its sequel, considering its being released on each the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. That being said, Namco has still managed to one-up itself by revealing not one, not two, not three, but FOUR new characters exclusive to the console versions. The catch? Only two of the characters will be in each version... And every last one of them is cool, so how is someone like me, who owns all three systems, supposed to choose which version to get? ARGH!

As it stands now, all three versions will have the new Necrid character, plus one platform-exclusive character. You're not going to believe who they picked, either! Check it out:

All Systems: First off, Necrid, who will be appearing in all three console releases.

PlayStation 2: Hey, it's Heihachi of Tekken fame! Cool!

Xbox: What the? Spawn? That's a bit out of Namco's universe, but still way cool...

GameCube: And finally, Link. Yes, fucking Link! Just when we had all given up on that rumor, BAM! It comes true! *drool*

So, which version are you guys getting? I'm leaning towards GameCube since, well... It's LINK in a real fighting game, not Smash Bros! I have a feeling that GC controller is going to be bliss for Soul Calibur, too.

Oh, and before you ask, these are NOT fake. They came from Namco's official Japanese site. Click the links to see for yourself.
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