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Save Farscape James 
Posted by: James at 9:23 AM EST on 1/12/2003
File Under: Whatever

I figured this would be a decent subject for my first post here, so here goes. As some of you reading may or may not know, the show Farscape on the Sci Fi channel was canceled last September. Now normally this would just come and go, but things just weren’t right with this. Specifically Sci Fi had put Farscape down for 2 more seasons, they were that proud of its success. Now the second season 4 is done taping, they cut the cord. So there’s still one more season that was promised that will never see the light of day. Sci Fi stated poor ratings and rising production costs as the factor in it being canceled.

So what follows? Something you rarely see in such an event. A literal army of Farscape fans has gone the extra mile to make sure there show doesn’t get canned. Everything from press events, to raising money for fan made Farscape ads across TV, radio, and other media outlets. See currently Season 4 is only half aired, and is currently going over its final run. The fans plan is to get as many new viewers into Farscape as possible, in an effort to get Sci Fi to put up for a 5th season. They’re also trying to gain the attention of other networks, in a very professional manner.

I myself am a Farscape fan, and have been lightly supporting this effort. I ask that you check out for more info.
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