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The "Phantom" game console. Vex 
Posted by: Vex at 12:40 AM EST on 1/22/2003
File Under: Games

Infinium labs announced recently that they are working on a new gaming console that will change everything we know about gaming. The "Phantom" game console boasts several features such as:

Simplicity, easy enough for a child, advanced enough for the most hard-core gamer.

Cross platform capability.

Online multiplayer gaming.

Upgrades and patch management.

Game demos and rentals.

(Here's my favorite) Games on demand subscription service.

Infinium also talks about a large amount of games already available.

Now I know, we've all heard rumors of a system like this before (cross platform capability) but one can only wonder how serious Infinium is. They plan to reveal the system sometime in March, with a release slated for November of this year.

For more information check out these sources.

[Added by Tim]
I know some people that are close to this project, and can add a few things. First of all, it's based off of PC architecture, and the thousands of games that are "already available" are simply old PC games. (I'm not sure if it will play more recent titles.) Additionally, the cross-platform compatibility is simply emulation of older systems, like the SNES and such. It may also be including TiVO functions, but that's a little unclear right now.

Also, the biggest two problems facing this system are the following: There are zero exclusive titles lined up for it, (hell, they're still looking for funding to build a limited run of prototypes) and it's not going to be sold at a loss, as most companies do with their systems. In other words, it's going to more powerful than the Xbox, and its pricetag is going to reflect that. Basically, the system is going to be an expensive home theatre PC. I give it a 1 in 10 chance of actually seeing release.
[/Added by Tim]
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