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Nirvana finally gets a greatest hits collection. Vex 
Posted by: Vex at 3:11 AM EST on 1/23/2003
File Under: Music -> CD Review

I can only speak from a passive-aggressive point of view. In fact, during the high point in Nirvana's career I found myself listening to such rap artists as Easy-E, Ice Cube, and Cypress Hill. At the time, I couldn't understand the appeal of a band like Nirvana. But oh, how the times do change. With rock, now the driving force behind my CD collection, it soon became apperent I was in need of a Nirvana album. Enter the greatest hits anthology, simply titled, Nirvana.

The CD is host to an array of your favorite songs, from Nevermind (smells like teen spirit, in bloom, come as you are, lithium), to In Utero (heart-shaped box, rape me, pennyroyal tea, dumb). With a few songs from the B-side collective of Incesticide (been a son, sliver), and the famed MTV Unplugged performance (all apologies, the man who sold the world). The collection also includes the song About a Girl, off of their first album Bleach. Possibly the most interesting addition to the compilation is the previously unreleased track, You Know You're Right.

As someone who never owned a Nirvana CD before this, I can easily say that the collection shines through with nothing but my favorite songs and even a few I never heard before. But to the hardcore Nirvana fan, the only song on this album I'm sure you don't own is You Know You're Right, which doesn't say much to actually purchasing the CD.

So, to anyone that is a passive fan of the group, this is a definite must have. To all the hardcore fans, I guess you just have to ask yourself how much you want that one song.
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