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Tee hee. Tony 
Posted by: Tony at 11:04 AM EST on 6/15/2004
File Under: Whatever

Following my posting of my views on Einstein, I bought Gravitation, a book whose content is entirely out of my league. <_< I bought a much lighter introductory-level book called Introducing Einstein's Relativity, and I am progressing steadily through it. I'll match you one of these days yet, Einstein.

Anyway, I'm happy. This site still gets a lot of visitors? Then clearly this is a good place in which to post a link to a webcomic I recently started. A warning: Like anything else I create, it makes no sense taken superficially, and even less sense taken entirely. So it makes negative sense.

In other news, I am planning on creating an email generator that will create HTML pages of various sizes filled with randomly-generated emails to see if I can bother email crawlers. Just for kicks.
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