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Absolutely everything, but nothing in particular... Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 9:16 PM EST on 7/11/2002
File Under: Whatever

I called the cable company the other day and they're going to be out on Tuesday to install a brand-spankin' new cable modem for me! I can't fucking wait... Screw this dial-up crap. I'll probably do a couple write-ups on setting up a home network as well as connecting the Xbox and Dreamcast to the 'net through connection sharing. That oughta be fun. :)

Also, the super-duper Xbox mod chip that I've been waiting for is about to be released, so as soon as that's available, I'll be cracking open my system to put the chip in and tinker around with all this awesome homebrew stuff that's been coming out. I have to test out the SNES and GBA emulators, not to mention the slick-as-all-hell EvolutionX application. Heck, I might even give the half-working N64 emu a quick run. Although, I'd have to redownload my ROMs since I lost them when I reformatted my HD. BUT WAIT! I'll have broadband by then, so why do I care? HAH!

Anyhow, here's a dose of true E/N for you guys: I'm going to be out of town for the weekend, enjoying myself at Cedar Point, aka roller coaster heaven, and possibly getting drunk and/or laid. (But sshhhhhh, I didn't say that.....)

So anyway, when I'm back, my first task to tackle will be to get the topic-based archive up and running, which should be no problem at all, and hopefully I'll feel like getting to a DVD review or two. I have a hankering to dissect Blue Velvet - I'm becoming a total David Lynch freak. OH! That gives me an idea... I'll write up a total explanation of Mulholland Drive, since it's such a mindbender of a film. I have the entire timeline figured out, and I think I caught a lot of the symbolism, too. That one will be fun to do.

Anyway, enough for this post. I haven't really said a damn thing, and yet, I managed to write out four paragraphs anyway. Oh well, guess that's just the E/N showing through.

[Edit: I almost forgot... ETERNAL DARNESS IS ONE OF THE BEST DAMN GAMES EVER! And to think, Mario Sunshine is only about a month away, too. God, am I glad I have a GameCube. And hell, with all this homebrew stuff, I'm finally glad I have an Xbox. Oh, and SOCOM is almost out on the PS2. It's a damn good thing I have a job to support my renewed game addiction... And I might be getting an even higher paying tech-related one soon, too, but that's an entirely different post for later.]
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