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Gosford Park - How NOT to make a movie Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 11:00 PM EST on 7/5/2002
File Under: Movies -> DVD Review

So, I had the distinct displeasure of sitting through Gosford Park on DVD last night... I mean, with seven Academy Award nominations (including best picture and best director) and a win for best screenplay, it should be a sure-fire good one, right? Oh god, no. People, if you ever plan to make a movie, make sure you have something very, very important. This "something" is called a PLOT, aka STORY, aka SOMETHING HAPPENING!

Gosford Park is over two hours of generally unlikable British snobs and servants mumbling on with indecipherable accents while absolutely nothing of interest happens at all. Seriously. I had to turn on the sub-titles just to catch what everyone was saying. The actors seemed to have a penchant for mumbling, letting their voices trail off, or being completely drowned out by background noise. The packaging bills it as a suspenseful murder mystery, but a murder doesn't even occur until almost 80 minutes into the movie! Even then, nobody really cares who did it - nobody likes the dead guy anyway! Now, I'm all for an interesting character study, but please... There was absolutely no reason for half the scenes in this movie to even be filmed. They added absolutely nothing to the story. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be a murder mystery, a social commentary, or some failed experiment in ensamble casts by director Robert Altman.

Anyway, this movie isn't really worth my time to keep writing about it. Just avoid it, please.

Final Verdict: Avoid like the plague. The little semblance of a plot that this movie actually has doesn't show up until the last half hour. Even then, it didn't make the previous hour and forty five minutes worth it.
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