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Our dads are fucking? When did that start? Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 11:00 PM EST on 7/1/2002
File Under: Whatever

Oh, man. I don't know whether to break down laughing, or to weep for humanity. I stumbled upon this link last night, and found what is quite possibly the funniest chat log ever. Now, normally I would run screaming from a chat log because, well, they're not funny. In fact, they're black holes of comedy. This one, however, is different... In fact, I don't even want to dampen its reputation by calling it a chat log, so instead, I'll call it a "record of electronic person to person communication." Here's a sample:
dys4iK: except, my mom is shooting up in the bathroom, 
sweet_thang_for_u_2002: wat do u mean by that
dys4iK: and dad is drunk with some other woman.
sweet_thang_for_u_2002: ummm, she is at my house
dys4iK: she is?
dys4iK: since when?
sweet_thang_for_u_2002: and ur dad and my dad are out of
town on a business trip
sweet_thang_for_u_2002: so what are u talkin about
dys4iK: hey, whoa.
sweet_thang_for_u_2002: she has been here all da
dys4iK: our dads are fucking?
dys4iK: when did that start?
sweet_thang_for_u_2002: whatever
dys4iK: that's pretty crazy.
dys4iK: think they'd let us join in?
Now that I'm done laughing, I'm going to go weep for humanity... There are too many stupid people in this world.

Oh, and in other news, I'm going to see Minority Report tonight after work. I will REPORT (HAHA! Lame pun intended! I am funny!) back with my impressions, and first feature article! WooHoo?
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