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The Matrix Tony 
Posted by: Tony at 10:01 PM EST on 4/18/2003
File Under: Movies & TV

I just saw a new trailer for the next The Matrix movie(s). I have to admit I was actually very impressed, the Wachowski brothers came up with something I have never thought of! Awesome. I know I will probably enjoy the movies this year, the first of which will appear May 15. I will enjoy them because I will know with full truth that I could not have made what I will be seeing. Yes, I am weird like that.

If you are releasing a movie to theatres, your best bet at success is to not release it midway through May. It looks so nicely motion art-packed that my mother might actually enjoy these two movies instead of sighing at what a failure she thinks I am to be interested in such weirdassery as The Matrix when I point out to her specific beautiful aspects of the art. Me: "Look at the curve his neck and knees make...there! Did you see that?" Mother: "No." Me: "Well, if you had seen it, you would have perhaps seen that it institutes a dynamic behavi..." And on and on I go.

Detective Story is up at The style is similar to Watanabe's brainchild, Cowboy Bebop, which I just realized is very noire. This Animatrix episode is very noire and in full black and white, with a female hacker named Trinity who may or may not be the Trinity of the movie.

Americans have many things that make other countries jealous. Nothing makes Nipponese jealous and contemptful and respectful like creating something in a genre that they have long felt to be the masters of. "And, their teenagers spend hours a day drawing copies of our cartoons and emulating the humour found in them! Ha! We are on top of the world!" If only American companies actually tried to make good cars, they would envy and hate and respect us on a deeper, more important level.
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