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Why Do Some People Not Know They Suck At Singing? Tony 
Posted by: Tony at 2:36 AM EST on 7/1/2003
File Under: Whatever

There are those who are bad at singing, often horribly bad, but they keep singing. I lost the location of where some of the following info was found (it was a website for various types of brain research.) The website did not make the connection between what its scientists discovered and people that suck at singing. I made this possible connection. (I R SMORT)

When speaking, your brain generates a signal that travels to your vocal cords. It also generates another signal that is fed back into your brain. This essentially means you are listening to yourself when you speak. The biggest problem for wannabe singers is the transfer of energy (as it usually is) when the signal to your vocal cords reaches them. That is, the signals your brain produces might be of an incredible quality, but the physical properties of your body cannot accomodate it. Those who can accomodate it better are better singers. Why do people, who suck at singing, keep singing? Because they listen more to the high-quality voice that their brain is feeding back to them than to the low-quality voice that their unfortunately inadequate physics generate.

What to do when you encounter such a person? Turn off their music and ask them to sing against a wall. You don't have to directly tell them they suck, they will find out for themselves this way.
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