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Hey guess what... Karyn 
Posted by: Karyn at 9:14 AM EST on 7/7/2003
File Under: Whatever

I got a new computer too! It has a very pretty flatscreen monitor, and I cannot imagine how I lived so long without one. I will not be giving the geeks specs because I honestly have no idea what they are, except that it's a Dell and has an 80 GB hard drive. Happiness, thy name is new computer.

And look how I managed to say all that without mentioning any unnatural mating practices! It's amazing....

By the way, if there are any Stephen King Dark Tower fans out there, I read that he re-released all of his books and the first one (The Gunslinger) has a lot of changes in it. If anybody has read the new one, can you confirm that for me? I'd like to know if the changes are enough to justify my purchasing it!
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