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I want to post something, dammit! Karyn 
Posted by: Karyn at 10:54 AM EST on 11/19/2004
File Under: Whatever

Therefore I shall now post. Despite my lack of "tech", I have an overabundance of "e/n" to work with.

Actually, I can begin on a somewhat tech related note. I finally joined the massive herd in getting an iPod, and oh boy is it sweet. I find myself taking walks just for an excuse to use it. I feel so cool. Apple has indeed cornered the market on music coolness. Mine is a 4th generation 20G, slightly used, but that's fine by me. Anything to make it cheaper. Anyway, that was my Christmas present to myself! I'd highly recommend it to anybody who loves music a lot. If you only like it a little, it's probably not worth the expense.

Relatedly, my old roommate bought one of the new ones that takes pictures, and he's in heaven as a photographer. He says that everyone in the world should get one. I think that's an exaggeration, and I certainly don't need one, but apparently its functionality and sharing capabilities are wonderful (according to him).

I have also played Donkey Konga and will be forced to get it for myself. It has everything I want in a game: music, clapping, competitiveness, and hitting stuff. What more could a girl ask for? I can dance and sing along while I play it!

E/n stuff: I love my major. Here is what I have learned. If you like something dorky, like math, and people make fun of you, just laugh at them because you'll have such an easy time getting a job. Hardly anyone competes with you for the chance to do actuarial modeling! I'm only interviewing for an internship, and already things are going pretty well. I've interviewed with a total of 8 companies, one is flying me out to Connecticut, I have a second interview with another one, and will be hearing back from others in the next month. So seriously, all of you math nerds out there, be strong! Live through the taunting! It's all worth it in the end.

I'll try to be back shortly with a post on weight loss tips and information. That's something that I know a lot about from experience!
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