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March Madness actually makes me insane Karyn 
Posted by: Karyn at 10:38 PM EST on 3/20/2005
File Under: Whatever

Sine the chorus of "My bracket is fucked!" is being echoed throughout the internet, I believe I should add my voice. Truthfully, I'm really not all that crazy about basketball. Tim is a diehard IU fan, and I keep track so that I can celebrate or lament as is appropriate (with IU, it's mainly lament), but I don't really care.

That being said, I love the NCAA tournament. I love to pick teams and then root for people that I've never seen play before. I like to pick teams like Xavier, because they have an X, Pacific because they're an ocean, and Creighton because the name sounds neat when you say it. I'm *that* kind of predictor. A girl, in other words.

Generally this strategy is amazingly accurate in the first round. I get 25-30 first round picks right every year. However, once I hit the Sweet Sixteen, the wheels come off of the wagon. I got 8 of those right, have 4 possibilities in the Elite Eight, 2 in the Final Four and 0 in the final game. I cry for Wake Forest and UConn. I'm sure many of you are in similar states, and I'm calling that Washington, the dark horse 1 seed is taking the whole tournament, since now they won't have to face the dreaded Bucknell.

In conclusion, I'm already looking forward to next year. Also, I understand almost 0% of Tim's latest post. Something about Indians and colored hats.
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